Somatic Sounds is Dr Guillaume Potard and Megan Sproats. Guillaume is a sound scientist who has a PhD in 3D audio, psychoacoustics and informatics. Megan has a background in health care, healing and the arts. They have worked together on innovative audio projects and have award winning artistic projects to their credit.

Guillaume is considered a 3D audio expert by his peers and has worked for Dolby for the last five years. Having had this opportunity he has developed a critical listening ability.

Residing in Australia’s Royal National Park, south of Sydney, Somatic Sounds draw their creativity and concepts from this environment to develop state-of-the-art sound based inventions, products and services.

“Somatic Sounds was created because we are convinced that sound is a powerful remedy for emotional release and can be a dynamic healing modality. Through Somatic Sounds we can share these benefits with you. As individuals we hold a passion for Australia’s rich natural environments and it’s wildlife. ‘Sounds of Australia in 3D’ is the result of our love of nature and our ongoing interests in the immersive qualities of binaural audio. We hope you will enjoy our relaxing Australian nature sound CDs and MP3s.”

Megan & Guillaume






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