Somatic Sounds have released their latest 3D nature sound album, Sounds of Australia in 3D.

‘Sounds of Australia in 3D’ will escort you through Australia’s amazing natural environments using 3D sound. 3D sound employs a special recording technique that enables your brain to hear in 3D, like in real life. This creates a sound experience so real and enveloping that you will be instantly shifted to Australia’s rainforests, oceans, storms and rivers wherever you are..

As the album contains many of Australia’s famous birds such as Kookaburras, Bellbirds, Cockatoos, Lyrebirds and Magpies it is perfect for the tourist or for the homesick Australian.

‘Sounds of Australia in 3D’ has been very gently and carefully mixed making it ideal for babies, children and adults alike who have difficulties sleeping or relaxing.

As reviewed in Connect Magazine – “Sounds of Australia in 3D is an extremely well produced beauty; if you have trouble winding down and relaxing I think that this album is the key to finding that place”.

Binaural audio recordings have an ethereal quality, clarity and realism that transcend traditional stereo recordings. Listen to ‘Sounds of Australia in 3D’ on good quality headphones to experience the full binaural 3D effect. You may also enjoy this CD on stereo speakers without the 3D effect.

No music. No synthetic sounds. Just sounds as nature intended.

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